Watts Timeline





    • To what extent do events cluster at particular times? (At what times do events cluster? How large are the clusters of events? What proportion of events are in clusters?)
    • The events cluster at the beginning on August 11th starting with the Fryes arrest. this is when the rioting starts and we start to see rioting clusters. The largest clusters are looting and rioting. Typically when there are aj increased # of rioters it is after an event that instigated them again like the tear gassing of rioter by police the  death and arrest of a black citizens. I used a relish/pink to highlight arrest by police and those are a large proportion of the timeline shows up in red. 
    • To what extent do events in the same category cluster at the same times? (At what times do events in the same category cluster? How large are the clusters of events in the same category? What proportion of in the same category are in clusters?)
    • – All of the  events fall into clusters except the initial arrest and some of the injuries to police and the National Guard. The rioting clusters mostly as it gets dark in the evening through the early hours of the morning. 
    • Are there gaps in the timeline when no events happen? (When are those gaps? How long are those gaps?)
      – Yes after the curfew was initiated the rioting stooped after 8pm with the exception of some arrests for the people who didn’t follow the curfew order.
    • How many events in your spreadsheet are not on your timeline? Are any categories of events missing from the timeline more than others? Is there enough missing data to make uncertain any of your answers to the previous questions?
    • Every single individual arrest and injury is not on my timeline.  also my timeline is not that specific about which stores were looted and when.
    • How well does the timeline fit with what you identified as the key feature of your riot and the label you applied to it in the first assignment? Does knowing when events happened change what you think is the key feature and label of your riot?- My timeline fits with the label I replied which was a rebellion because it showed mass rioting that spread and continued for days based on the unrest of the black population in the neighborhood from the Watts area. My timeline also agrees with my earlier findings that young  black men were the majority of the arrests and injuries. 
    • Review the grading rubric for this assignment before you submit your work to ensure you have met all the requirements –