Mapping Data Analysis

Many arrest cluster at Avalon & 43rd St. Injuries and looting can be tracked down Avalon Blvd throughout the 4 days. The greatest proportion of events are the looting and they cluster by time and location.

  • To what extent do events in the same category cluster at the same places? (At what places do events in the same category cluster? How large are the clusters of events in the same category? What proportion of in the same category are in clusters?)

Arrest cluster where looting is at Avalon & 43rd, while rocks and bottles thrown and crowds incited at 116 & Avalon. This is where the initial traffic stop with the Frye brothers occurred and was the epicenter of the riot. About 20% of the clusters were arrests and about 20% were looting in the same area where windows were broken. The fire custard mostly around Athens park and 103rd St.

  • To what extent do the places where events occur and cluster change during the duration of the riot?

The epicenter of the Watts Rebellion was around 116th street & Avalon and you can see as time went on over the 4 days that you could almost draw a square around how the looting and violence spread in all directions as far as long beach.

  • How many events in your spreadsheet are not on your map? Are any categories of events missing from the map more than others? Is there enough missing data to make uncertain any of your answers to the previous questions?

All of my events from the spreadsheet are on the map although some of them occur at the same place so are pinpointed on top of each other. For example, at Avalon & 116th St there are arrests, assault on police, cars destroyed, injuries, and looting. Maybe I could’ve been more specific about where and what type of stores were looted, also i did not note all the places that the national guard were deployed and was not specific about every single fire or injury.

  • How well does the map fit with what you identified as the key feature of your riot and the label you applied to it in the first assignment? Does knowing where events occurred what you think is the key feature and label of your riot?

I applied the label of a rebellion, a rebellion is defined as an open armed and usually unsuccessful defiance of or resistance to an established government. The Watts rebellion began as a simple traffic stop by a white police man to a young black male in a black neigborhood. When the black citizens of the neighborhood came out to watch the arrest, it brought forth other pent up anger at the authorities and their situation. The discontent spread out from the that center point from the Watts neighborhood where mostly black owned business and property’s were destroyed. The map shows that the rebellion was actually a series of riots over the span of 6 days that spread across miles of Los Angeles. As the riot spread the arrest, destruction, and injuries increased. 

Where events occurred is obvious because it’s called the Watts Riot, so pinpointing events on the map defined for me where Watts is in relation to Los Angeles. But I think the key feature of the Watts Rebellion was the destruction done to the neighborhood and the injuries mostly to the black population living there, not law enforcement. 

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